Monday, October 20, 2008

Thanks Miss B!

I have been an avid reader of Miss B's blahg for a long time now. She is crazy talented ( don't believe me? check out Bella Bella) and has a wacked out sense of humor that I totally dig. On top of all this she is generous. Last week she gave away a bunch of really great beauty goodies and I won! Today in the mail I received a box packed with amazing perfume! Two solid perfumes from Pacifica and a mini trio from Kristin Michele. I immediately opened and applied the blood orange scent from Pacifica and I smelled delicious all day (if I do say so myself).

Thanks Miss B! You - and your blahg - rock!

1 comment:

bobbinoggin said...

pretty! i wish i could smell things that are online. the packaging is gorgeous. :)