Saturday, November 22, 2008

PERSONALLY: my cuties

Obviously my little cuties won't be participating in the Too Stinkin' Cute photo contest. That would probably constitute a conflict of interest. But since I can not resist an urge to show them off, here they are. They are enjoying our new Saturday morning ritual: Picnic Breakfast. Picnic Breakfast really is a wonderful thing. We pack up easy breakfast goodies in our picnic basket for the long trek to the living room. They get to eat and watch cartoons while I drink my coffee in peace and relative quiet. Aaaaahhh..... Just what we all need after a long week!
Many of your cuties WILL be participating in the contest, however. I organized the photo board just now and your kids really are adorable. If I could swing it you would all be getting free holiday cards - that is how cute your kids are. But alas, I am not made of money and there can only be one winner. The photo board will be posted Monday along with voting rules so make sure to check back and vote!


Deputys Wife and Mommy To 3 said...

They are totally freaking adorable!!!!!!

Jessica Craig said...

I love your breakfast picnic idea! You are so creative. I will try that once my kids learn that plates are not for throwing or dumping the contents out.