Wednesday, January 21, 2009

GET WED WEDNESDAY: ink your guests

As promised, here is a fun and funky DIY wedding reception idea - Personalized Temporary Tattoos! I actually did this for my own wedding (those are a couple of my bridesmaids. Aren't they pretty?) and it was alot of fun. Everyone got into it, not just us "kids" (we were in our early 20's when we got hitched and our wedding was a P A R T Y). Somewhere I have pictures of my parents friends and my husband's 80 year old grandfather wearing our wedding tattoos!
This is something that take a little bit of skill, or an artsy friend who can use photoshop. First I drew up some classic tattoos. The one above is a pin up girl in a martini glass. I also had a heart with banners and I think one with a couple of sparrows carrying a banner. I scanned the images in photoshop and added our names to the tattoo designs. I flipped the designs to be reversed and printed them out on temporary tattoo paper I found at the office supply store. (note: you have to reverse the image before printing or your tattoo will be backwards when applied!). I cut them out and sprinkled them on the tables at our reception. The tattoos go on easily with water (everyone dipped ther napkins into their water glasses to apply them. We are a classy crowd). Lots of fun!
If I can find the time I might design a few wedding tattoos to sell in the Tulaloo shop. What do you think?


Erin @ Bride Design said...

FABULOUS idea! Hey, did these bridesmaids go to Alfred? They definitely seem like they know how to party, as every good Alfred girls does! Fun post.

Jasmine said...

You have some good-looking bridesmaids. Who says Alfredians aren't sexy? I LOVED these tatoos. I think mine lasted about a week...possibly because I didn't shower.

Tulaloo said...

Alfredians are sexy and yes, those are Alfred girls!

MJ said...


You should make some really cute ones for the bride - y'know, so the groom can "find" them later :)