Tuesday, February 10, 2009

ARTSY FARTSY: published authors

This morning at breakfast, Captain and his friend A finished eating before Chunk. Our house rules dictate that everyone stays at the table until all are finished with their meals. But
when three year olds eat faster than everyone else you have to find creative ways to entertain them. I was out of briliant ideas, so I suggested Captain tell us all a story. Imagine my surprise when he actually launched into one! "Once upon a time..." When I was still teaching we called times like these teachable moments - an opportunity that you had to quickly embrace before it slipped away. So, you better believe I embraced Captain's improptu storytelling!
cardstock or decorative paper (or just more regular paper if you are in a pinch)
coloring stuff
Stack all the paper and cardstock together and fold in half.
Cut the paper and cardstock down to a small enough size that your stapler will be able to reach the center. Our books were about 3" x 5".
Let your storyteller talk up a storm and transcribe his/her thoughts onto the pages of the book. Don't forget to give it a title!
Give the kiddo crayons so that he/she can illustrate the book!
by Captain
Once upon a time there was a little man in the forest.
He saw a dog named BeatBob in the woods.
The dog knocked down their house with his tail.
He fixed the house with a shovel and put snow on top.
Santa came to their house. Supercalifragilistic!
Happy ever after.


corporalswife said...

That is beyond precious! Don't you just love those moments...

MJ said...

:) So cute! And a great idea!