Tuesday, February 17, 2009

PERSONALLY: i'm late! i'm late!

...for a very important date!

I am a bad daughter this week. Yesterday was my mom's brithday (hi mom) and I didn't even manage to call her (sorry mom). I had all these grand plans for surprising her with a big fat special blog post dedicated to her along with a cute picture of Captain and Chunk holding up a sign that says "Happy Birthday Grandma! We Love You!". But I have been swamped with work and everytime I managed to break away for a bit either Captain or Chunk needed me. And now that I finally have a second to sit and do it, I realize I have locked the camera (along with the cute picture) in the bedroom of one of the sleeping children. I know...I know.... I am full of excuses. And it stinks because my Mom is great. AND she always reads my blog which I think is very sweet. I promise to call soon Mom and I hope you had a really nice day yesterday!

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Kylie said...

Happy Birthday Momma D!