Wednesday, April 8, 2009

GET WED WEDNESDAY: colored envelopes

Not long ago, wedding invitations were white. Always white. Maybe there would be a touch of ecru, but for the most part they were plain old white. Blah.

Fortunately the tides have changed and brides are now using lots of color in their wedding stationery! It is a great way to infuse some personality into your invitation. But it is important to remember that invitations have to be a blend of form AND function. They should look beautiful while informing your guests where to be and when. And in order to achieve this they need to make it to your guests' mailboxes! I LOVE color coordinated envelopes, but you have to make your that you abide by USPS regulations. Since I can't explain it any better, I'm going to send you over to the stationery guides where the lovely Cathe has posted the dos and don'ts of addressing a colored envelope!

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