Sunday, May 24, 2009

PERSONALLY: time flies like an arrow...

...fruit flies like a banana!

I know, totally corny. But it is late and I'm feeling a little loopy. Besides, I'm just really punny!

Ok, I'm done now I promise! I was just reflecting on how I haven't neglected this little blog recently. Life and work is very busy around the Tulaloo Studio these days, and I can't believe a full week has passed since I took the time to chit chat with you! The weather has been beautiful so we have been outdoors as much as possible. The benefits of this are many, not the least of which is the slighter darker shade of pale my skin is beginning to turn. But I think the best side effect of all is the fact that my kids have been sleeping like champs. Even Chunk ,who has no qualms about demanding to sleep in my bed at 3 am, has slept through the night for the past week! In an effort to exhaust them even more, we took them hiking. I was extremely proud of the boys for climbing Mt. Tom over the weekend! It is an easy hike for an adult, but challenging for easliy distracted boys with short legs. But they did it, and were rewarded with picnic lunch at the top, next to the stone tower!
That is half the reason I've been a bit MIA lately. The other half is that I am extremely busy with lots of wedding stationery orders. It is so much fun for me to see my designs personalized to match everyone's bridal colors! I've been taking pictures for you and can't wait to show you some after the big wedding rush slows down a bit!
By the way, I can't claim responsibilty for that hilarious joke at the beginning of this post. That was actually the motto for the Honors Program I belonged to in college. Yeah, I'm kind of nerdy.


Jasmine said...

Only kind of nerdy?

I'm proud of the mountaineers, too, for braving the trail! Good work!

Tulaloo said...

May I remind you that you were voted VP nerd by a group of our nerdy friends? And that your esteemed husband is president? And that we were even having a "who is the nerdiest?" conversation qualifies us all as hopeless nerds?

Besides, I was only ranked 5th or 6th anyways!