Friday, July 17, 2009

PERSONALLY: happy birthday chunk!

Chunk, today your are two years old! You are becoming such a big boy, even though it seems like just yesterday you were a squirmy little newborn! I remember when you were just a few days old, you would actually snort like a little piglet when you were hungry and rooting! You made us laugh from the very beginning. So, in honor of your birthday, here are just a few things that make you so special:
  • You have developed your own quirky sign language and prefer that over speaking. I think my favorite miht be the thumped chest and pumping arms when you are telling me you would rather walk than be carried.
  • Your vocabulary is expanding quickly, but you definitely have a few favorite words. "Mama" tops the list (thank you) but "cheese" and "num nums" are a close second and third. You like to eat.
  • You are far more wild and impulsive than your brother, and he gets a little crazier when he is around you. It will make me go gray, but it is probably good for your conservative big brother to learn to take a few risks. Thanks for showing him how much fun it is to dive off the couch. Sort of.
  • You think you are so much older than you are, and you want to be just as big as Captain. You'll only play with the big boy toys that he likes.
  • Even though you are a rough and tough, independent little monster of a boy, you are still very attached to Mama. And while this often drives me crazy, I will admit it is nice to get so many hugs and snuggles. Even at 3 am.
Happy Birthday Chunk!!!


vicki said...

Happy birthday, Chunk! Hope you have the best day ever.

Jasmine said...

Love this! You knew he was going to be wild when he came out with a mohawk!!