Monday, August 17, 2009

GET WED: les petits presents

Out-of-town guest baskets are one of those things I find that lots of brides don't put a whole lot of thought into. And I can understand that, because by that point the bride is getting very, very close to her wedding date and is holding on to sanity by a thin thread. Consequently, most out-of-town baskets are less than inspired. I believe that if you are going to do something like that, you ought to do it thoughtfully, because no one really needs a bag of breath mints and the travel brochures they can pick up on their own in the hotel lobby.

Allow me to introduce you to Nina, of les petits presents. Nina creates custom gift baskets, out of town baskets and favors for weddings and other special events. These are the sorts of gift baskets that your guests will appreciate! The meyer lemon themed basket above was designed for the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Meyer. It is a delightfully simple metal pail, filled with a personalized bottle of water, yellow and white jelly beans and scrumptious lemon cookies. A perfect way to welcome guests to a summer wedding! Check out the les petits presents blog for more clever gifts and gift baskets.
Nina currently offers her gift basket genius across Connecticut. If you are lucky enough to live in The Nutmeg State, I suggest you ask her to whip something up for your wedding. Your guests will thank you!

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Jasmine said...

C'mon, tell me you didn't like our sand buckets with shovels, personalized coloring and activity books, and lobster bead necklaces ;)