Tuesday, October 6, 2009

BESPOKE: mikey's 16th

Mikey is one lucky guy, as he is being thrown a killer surprise 16th birthday party! When the party involved live music, a great location and a limo you have to set the scene with the perfect invitation. He is a talented magician and we based the design on his favorite card, the Jack of diamonds. The invitation is slightly larger than a playing card, with a Jack on the front and party details on the back. It is tucked into a black linen envelope with a coordinating playing card envelope wrap for addressing.
Happy Birthday Mikey!


nina healy said...

I love these!!! They would be great for a bachelor party or poker themed game night too. The black envelope and address label are the perfect finishing touch!

Jim said...

Very clever! I like it.

When are you going to let Captain or Chunk design something?