Sunday, October 11, 2009

REAL WEDDING: leanne and don

I really have a thing for beautiful backyard weddings. There is something wonderfully intimate, sweet and perfect about celebrating a marriage at a family member's home. Leanne and Don had Tulaloo create wedding invitations for them - our Botanical design - and were kind enough to share pictures and thoughts about their special day! From Leanne:
"My wedding was at my parents house, so it was very special to me. I don't have any living grandparents but the house and land was all part of my grandparents history, so I know they were there. We married under an arbor of white moon flowers (they hadn't opened for 3 days and they all burst open that evening). We had an acoustic guitarist play for the guests as well as the wedding. I walked to here comes the sun with my sweet dad. My favorite moment was later into the evening when my new hubby and I had our own little dance together. After the ceremony and all the reception details plus mingling with our friends it was nice to find each other when one of our favorite songs played and have a moment."
The first photo of Leanne walking barefoot is my absolute favorite. The second (and how completely joyful do the two if them look?!?!) shows off a beautiful handmade pearl headwrap, created by Sonseeahray. The incredible groom's cake, in honor of the couple's favorite band, was from Hana's Bakery.
Thanks for sharing Leanne! More Real Weddings to come soon!

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mrs. fuzz said...

Such a pretty bride! My husband would LOVE this cake. His fave band is Phish. That's quite the impressive cake (even though I can't really handle listening to the band for long myself).