Friday, November 6, 2009

THE WORLD WE LIVE IN: being green

I try to be green. I bring my own shopping bags to the store. I recycle. I clean with vinegar. But, I also use disposable diapers. Occasionally I buy bottled water. I'm not living 100% green,
but I try.
I do my best in the management of running of Tulaloo as well. It can be tricky to be a green company when your business is paper. But I work hard at it and am constantly looking for new ways for Tulaloo to be eco-friendly. The most recent change I have made is the packaging for our notecards. As of today, all our personalized notecard sets are being packaged in Eco Clear Bags. These bags are a compostable and sustainable. Believe it or not, they are actually created from plants! The plastic, called PLA film, feels a little diferent from our old bags - more crinkly. But it is just as strong and still makes for a pretty package. From now on the Earth First seal will be on all our notecard packaging.
Of course we continue to be green in other ways as well. Whenever possible we work with recycled and sustainable cotton paper, purchased from a company that runs on 100% wind power. While not all our materials fit into this category, I would estimate that 75% of the paper and envelopes we work with do. Once these materials have been crafted into wedding stationery, save the date cards or party invitations, they are wrapped in recycled white tissue paper. The stationery bundles are then placed into a cardboard box we've saved from a received shipment. We shred junk mail, misprints and scraps and use that shredded paper to carefully cushion the stationery. It makes for practical and eco-friendly packaging.

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