Wednesday, January 13, 2010

GET WED WEDNESDAY: my kate parker wedding

My Kate Parker Wedding is a brand spanking new wedding planning resource that every bride simply must check out. I know what you are thinking, the last thing the web needs is another wedding planning site. But this one is different, I promise. For one thing, the experience is personalized to you, according to your budget, location, style and color scheme, rather than to the generic bride. There is a ton of great expert advice from wedding professionals as well as a fantastic blog spotlighting trends, tips, and even advice about how to get your groom more involved (this article had me laughing out loud). It helps you manage your budget and to do list in style. But what really makes My Kate Parker Wedding different is that it feels far more personal and 'real' than anything else out there. With other wedding planning sites, I always felt as if I was just viewing on online version of a typical wedding magazine, complete with coupon codes for kitschy wedding junk that nobody really wants. My Kate Parker Wedding, on the other hand, filters out the nonsense and offers you great style, inspiration and the best vendors in your area (did I mention they hand select vendors for quality, creativity and talent?).
I am so pleased to say that Tulaloo has partnered with My Kate Parker Wedding. Come on over check it out! Sign up for a free account - you will not be disappointed!

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