Sunday, April 11, 2010

GET WED: galway

"Galway" is one of the new wedding designs we debuted with the launch of the new website! It is shown here in pink and chocolate and a pocketfold style, however it can be created in any color combination you fancy and in any style found in our Invitation Style and Price Guide. One thing I really love about this design is it's versatility. Simply by changing the colors it can become the perfect stationery for a Spring, Summer or Autumn wedding! The invitation in the photo above would be great for a July wedding. Imagine it with a burnt orange color in place of the pink, paired with brown underlayer and a tan pocketfold and it becomes a lovely invitation to a September wedding. How about changing from a pocketfold to a white pochette, swap out the pink for a sping green behind the vine work, add dark green text and it is perfect for a early May wedding! There are lots of options with this design and I'm really glad it is now part of our Wedding Collection.
This design also work s really well as a party invitation, particularly for bridal showers. We change it to a horizontal layout and leave it "Naked", and it is pretty and fresh!

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Bobbinoggin said...

wow. this is so clean and elegant. tasteful and smart.