Thursday, April 15, 2010

PERSONALLY: fine friends are here

Are you hanging out with Dan Zanes this Saturday? I AM!! Yes, it is quite possible that I am just a little more excited about this than my kids (refer to earlier post regarding Mr. Zanes). But Captain and Chunk are pretty psyched about it as well. We've downloaded a few of the songs we didn't already own, and they've been singing "All Around the Kitchen" all around our kitchen. We went to see Dan Zanes and Friends when they were in Connecticut last year and it really was a great show. It is "family music" not kid music, so although the songs are kid friendly it really is just good, fun folky music. After the show we went to the entire band was in the lobby happily talking to all the kids and offering autographs. That is Captain (gosh, isn't he tiny there!) getting a book autographed by Dan Zanes!
We are going to the show with some good friends in New Jersey, so I will be out of town for the weekend. Tulaloo will be closed Friday and Saturday while we are gone. HOWEVER, I will pop in tomorrow to announce the winner of our $100 giveaway!! You still have one day to enter!

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Rebecca said...

Wow look at the excitement. Love it! And a book sign too, that's pretty sweet!