Thursday, January 27, 2011

INSPIRATION: party tips from oh happy day

Parties are so important. Because what is life without celebration? Boring, that's what. The Mister and I love hosting parties and I was happy to find these party planning tips from the super stylish event planner, letterpress printer and lifestyle blogger Jordan Ferney on Oh Happy Day. If there is one thing that girl knows how to do, it is throw a wicked fun party. Take, for example, the dinner under the Garden Gate Bridge. Or the Backyard Movie Party. Clearly she is a party planning genius. But here is what I really love about her parties: the focus is on creating a great experience, not just making it pretty. Yes, aesthetics can play a huge part in creating a fun experience for your guests (as you'll see in her party tips) but if your party has 100 precisely placed, handmade paper flowers but no sense of joy and playfulness....well, that's not a party. It is a spread in Martha Stewart's Living.

Check out her tips for taking your party to the next level. Then pull out your fondue pot, fill your living room with 500 balloons and invite your pals over for some fun.

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