Thursday, April 7, 2011

INSPIRATION: a promise to our clients

Two or three times a week, you can find me at our small town Post Office shipping packages of Tulaloo invitations and stationery. It occured to me today that, although I am familiar with every one of the front desk employees, it is rare that any of them acknowledge seeing me so often. When I smile and say good morning to the same woman that has helped me every Thursday for the past 6 weeks, I get an empty "How can I help you?" in reply. This morning, after yet another impersonal visit to our Post Office, when I was asked for the 200th time whether I wanted infomation about getting a passport, I had a moment of inspiration.

I don't want any of my clients to ever feel like I do when I visit the post office. I really do care about you and about the stationery we are creating for you. Excellent customer service is something that has always been a priority at Tulaloo, but after this morning's lackluster shipping experience I am inspired to kick it up a notch. I don't want you to be satisfied with your order - I want you to LOVE the invitations and stationery you receive. I don't want you to have an OK experience working with me on your design and proofs - I want you to feel like the valued and treasured client you are.

Last year I received a thank you note from Connie, one of our past wedding clients, and in it was the nicest compliment Tulaloo has ever been gifted with. Connie confessed that she was initially very anxious to order invitations online, from a designer on the other side of the country, but her experience with Tulaloo was so reassuring, personal and helpful that she felt like she was "working with a friend in the business." This is our goal at Tulaloo - to make every single one of our clients, whether they order online from Switzerland (hi Clara and Fabio!) or at a face-to-face consultation here in Connecticut, feel like they are working with a friend in the business.

Inspired by my post office and Connie, I am making a promise to all our past, current and future clients. I promise to personally answer every question or concern you may have. I promise to create a design you love and not add extra charges just because you need more than two rounds of revisions on your proofs. I promise that no matter what budget you are working with, I will give you the most possible bang for your buck and never pressure you into spending more than you feel comfortable with. I promise to welcome you back happily when you return for party invitations or holiday cards.

I promise to make you feel like you are working with a friend in the business.


Lauran Barbosa said...

Your promise to us as clients to be "a friend in the business" is so inspiring. You truly are a find!

H2 said...

I really KNOW how lucky I am to be getting my super-labor-intensive, difficult, precious, one-of-a-kind invitations from Tulaloo. No one else could have translated my dream look into a paper reality that (I hope) people will save for years to come, for the pleasure of just looking at them. I really can't imagine recommending anyone else. There are some very upscale places in my area that made me feel as though getting product from them was on the level of a personal favor. I use Tulaloo (clean across on the opposite side of the country) because I want someone who can be caring and truthful at the same time. It's a rare thing, and it's worth any amount of distance.