Friday, September 2, 2011

THE WORLD WE LIVE IN: marriage equality

This morning I had a brief phone consultation with a very nice bride. Partway through the conversation she said "This is for two girls. Is that ok? Will you do that?" And my heart broke just a little bit. I can't imagine how it feels to plan a wedding with the knowledge that vendors might refuse to work with you because of who you love.

For the record, Tulaloo does not discriminate based on sexual orientation. We are pro-marriage and PRO-LOVE.

Recently New York State legalized gay marriage (hooray!) and the fine folks over at A Practical Wedding threw a party to celebrate. And not just a party, but three weddings for LGBTQ couples followed by a fabulous celebration with some of the most excellent wedding vendors around. Turns out they are also making a short documentary about Yay New York in support of marriage equality. Check out the trailer for the documentary above.

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