Sunday, May 6, 2012

TULALOO: elevated envelope 1

By now all of Tulaloo's Elevated Envelopes have been received so I get to share them with all of you! If you like Tulaloo on facebook, you may have seen an earlier post where I gave a sneak peak of my initial Elevated Envelope plans, which included pastel drawings of tiny bouquets. It was a nice idea, but after the first two I just wasn't feeling it anymore. I wanted something a little more fun and off beat. So I dropped the pastels and opened a few bottles of nailpolish instead!

 Nailpolish is fun to paint with because the colors are really saturated and it dries to a bright glossy finish. You can get some interesting effects when you mix the colors and allow them to bleed into each other. And there is very little clean up involved since the brushes don't need to be washed and are stored in their bottles! I painted an abstract design on the front of folded black cards, and incorporated the word "hello" into each. On the inside I wrote a brief note the the recipient in white gel pen, and attached a tiny envelope I made from shimmery vellum. Tucked inside the little envelope were tiny heart shapes stickers I made with nailpoish!
The folded cards were placed inside translucent vellum envelopes so that you could see the design through the paper. I addressed each in colors that coordinated with the enclosed card. This was a really fun project, and it is easy so I definitely recommend it to anyone. BUT, if you are going to try this out make sure you are in a room with plenty of ventilation. The nail polish fumes can be overwhelming!!

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