Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Like free stuff? Of course you do. If you are the artsy-fartsy type you simply must make regular visits to Design Freebies. You'll find tons of free dowloads - wallpaper, calanders, recipe cards... the list goes on. The best part is it is all NICE free stuff. No junk!

Not the artsy-fartsy type? Go check it out anyway and add a dose of good design to your everyday life. Everyone should be surrounded by beauty.


tangarang said...

um...can I say THANK YOU! What a great resource! I'm a sucker for the free well-designed-download...what a find.

Tulaloo said...

you are most welcome! I can't take total credit for this find. I grabbed the link awhile ago from another blog I read. Not sure which anymore....might have been suffix abuse.