Tuesday, November 11, 2008

OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS: too stinkin' cute

Normally I am totally against exploiting my kids for my own personal gain. This is the sole reason why they aren't famous child stars or models. (Ok, ok... perhaps that isn't the only reason. But they are definitely much cuter than the Olsen twins ever were). I am going to break my own rule here, though and announce Tulaloo's "Too Stinkin' Cute - Baby/Child Photo Contest"! I love cute little baby faces and you love free stuff (who doesn't). Let's have some fun and win you some holiday goodness, ok?
If you would like to enter all you need to do is email me an adorable photo of your munchkin. I'll post all the entrants' photos here on the Tulaloo Blog and all my lovely readers get to vote for the winner. Easy and fun! And if you haven't got any rugrats running around your house you can still vote!
The winner will receive 20 holiday photo cards of their choice from the Tulaloo Shop!
The Rules:
1. Email me (Jessica@tulaloo.com) an adorable picture of your kiddo. If you have a whole brood of kids you can send a picture with all of them or enter them seperately. But only one entry per kid, make sense?
2. You MUST get me your photo by Friday November 21st.
3. I will post the pictures here on the blog on November 24th. Voting takes place from the 24th through the 28th.
4. You vote for the sweetie you think is the cutest by leaving a comment. You can only vote once, BUT you are free to pressure your friends and family to vote for your entrant.
5. I will announce the winner on November 29th.
Let see those cutie pies!


Jess said...

do you have the link up to view the photos yet? am i missing it or is it not there?

Tulaloo said...

They won't go up until the 24th. People have until the 21st to send in their pictures. I'll organize everything over the weekend and post the pictures for voting on the 24th. People can vote all week and I will announce the winner the day after thanksgiving!