Thursday, December 4, 2008

PERSONALLY: arrrrrr, matey!

Who needs toys?
This afternoon Captain, Chunk and their pal "A" decided on a whim to become pirates. Captain and Chunk are wearing their pirate hats (our old Bumbo seat and a felt halloween decoration that I still haven't packed away) and showing you their "pirate faces" (Captain is fierce. Chunk is his cute first mate). A is peering through his pirate telescope (wrapping paper tube). I tried to catch a shot of them in their pirate ship (a blanket thrown across the couches, but they weren't cooperative.
Chasing pirates in an effort to get good pictures makes me wonder how Vicki at Three Wheels Turning does it. Seriously. She has active little kids too and her pics of her kids playing are beautifully composed, well lit and gorgeous.


bobbinoggin said...

when it doubt on the pictures... never blame the user. blame the camera! clearly vicki must have a NICER camera than you. what can you do?


Tulaloo said...

That or she has a nicely lit house full of giant windows!

I can't blame the camera. I have a photography degree; I know enough to know it is my own fault, not the camera's!

Vicki said...

or maybe it's because she takes eleven-hundred pictures to get just one that's OK? :)

You are TOO much!

(my tiny house does have some nice-sized windows). lol.

Erin @ Bride Design said...

Love the bumbo seat as hat!! It doesn't matter if it's a good photo when it's so cute and funny. Although I sure do admire Vicki's pics too. :) Cute post.