Tuesday, December 2, 2008

PERSONALLY: meet and greet

As I was considering what kids craft to begin the ARTSY FARTSY series with, it occured to me that I haven't formally introduced you to the boys. Sure, you've seen countless pictures of them on the blog and had to listen to me blab about them, but I've never been polite enough to properly introduce you. And since you'll be seeing them lots more in ARTSY FARTSY, I probably ought to let you all get acquainted. There is a catch though - you will only know them by their super secret code names! (I know, I know...I tell you all about them and show you their pictures! Why no names? Ummm, not sure. I just feel weird putting their names up on the internet. And also I don't want you to steal their identity and buy a Porsche)
My super-duper husband and I have two pretty terrific kids. Our oldest son is 3 and a half years old. We'll cal him "Captain". I frequently call him "Captain ______", which is appropriate because, like any 3 yr old big brother, he is a bossy control freak. Captain is crazy articulate with the vocabulary of a 7 year old (no lie). He also believes that a lion rides a train through his bedroom at night.
Our younger son is 1 and a half, and we have called him The Chunky Monkey for as long as I can remember (He is built like a tank and climbs everything). Often I just shorten his moniker and call him "Chunk". Chunk does not have his older brother's gift with words, but seems to have developed his own complete language based solely on grunts and gestures. Currently he is calling me from his bed (UUUUHH!!) which means nap time (AKA - blog time) is over.


bobbinoggin said...

lol. i'm looking forward to artsy fartsy!

and i think you should tell us more stories about what makes chunk and captain tick.

i LOVE knowing that captain thinks a lion rides a train through his bedroom.

and i LOVE hearing how their vocab is so different, and so individual.

makes me hope i don't have any fertile problems, ya know? i want more thyme dialogue bits with more kids.

Erin @ Bride Design said...

My new social stationery line is going to use my girls' nicknames. Ever think of doing a line called "Chunk & Captain?" Could be pretty cute!