Friday, December 12, 2008

YULETIDE CHEER: christmas cookies

Tomorrow is our annual Cookie Swap/Holiday Party! Captain and I have been baking away all morning. We are making butter sandwich cookies, filled with sweet cream cheese and rasberry sauce. Although I am certain they will be both beautiful and delicious, they were probably too ambitious a choice for this year. They are fairly labor intensive which would be ok if I didn't still need to plan and cook party food, clean the house and shop all while entertaining the boys. And there is the small task of finishing the 200 holiday cards that need to ship today too! Did I mention that I have a spouse who works midnights and tons of overtime and is rarely home and awake to help out? Oh well, sleep is totally overrated.
Enough of my pity party and back to the cookie party! I really am thrilled to be hosting this party and spending my time cooking with the boys. Captain has been watching the Food Network recently and likes to host his own cooking shows for me and Chunk. I found plastic bread under the blankets on the bed yesterday. He had put it there to rise. Perhaps he'll become the next Gordan Ramsey or Tom Colicchio, make millions and fund a lavish retirement for his parents. A girl can dream, right?