Tuesday, December 16, 2008

YULETIDE CHEER: popcorn and smoothies

Captain is just a little excited about Christmas. The morning after Thanksgiving he woke up and declared everything to be Christmasy. We had a Christmas coffee maker, a Christmas couch, a Christmas waffle....you get the idea. His enthusiasm has not waned much either, which is fun. It has manifested itself in some strange ways, though. For instance, he has decided that on Christmas day we will celebrate by eating popcorn and smoothies. I'm not exactly sure why he decided this, but he has been announcing it to everyone. More accurately, he whispers it to everyone, as if it is a special secret, which I suppose it is.
I haven't made smoothies since the summer, but I guess I ought to go dust of the blender in preperation for Christmas morning!


bobbinoggin said...

maybe you could make egg nog or pumpkin smoothies sprinkled with nutmeg?

and you could always make carmel popcorn. seems a bit more festive than regular. :)

Ms. Lellock said...

we have christmas margarita buckets. Wait, he's too young, isn't he?