Friday, January 30, 2009

ARTSY FARSTY: hey, that's me!

I feel so bad about slacking off on the artsy-fartsyness around here. We've been doing alot of coloring, but nothing interesting enough to share with you guys. Until today anyway. After breakfast we hung giant pieces of paper on the walls and fridge and I traced their bodies with crayon. Then they got to color all over themselves. If they hadn't gotten distracted by the Lightning McQueen mega blocks we probably would have pulled out all our collage stuff and started glueing random objects to their bodies too. Maybe next time. To be honest, their biggest excitement was probably that the paper was giant and hung on the wall. But they had fun, as you can see from the smile on Chunk's face!
large paper (I used big rolls of paper, but you could use the backside of wrapping paper if you have that)
crayons, markers and coloring stuff.
Anything else you want to decorate your bodies with - yarn, tape, paint, buttons...
hang the paper on the wall or lay it on the floor.
have your kiddo stand against the paper or lie on top of it.
trace their outline.
let them go wild decorating it.


Jasmine said...

I always do Big Me drawings with my drama students (yes, even high school). They use them to design their costumes and to explore their characters. I LOVE big paper, too. It's one of the few-things that can get a non-artsy-fartsy like me to do projects!!

bobbinoggin said...

How fun!

Erin @ Bride Design said...

I do these all the time with my girls, but never thought to hang the paper on the wall. Nice touch. That would definitely increase the novelty!