Thursday, January 29, 2009


My name is Jessica and I am a Twilight addict. There I said it. I'm really far to old to be obsessively reading a series of vampire books written for teenage girls and dreaming about the characters (aaaaahhh...Edward...). But I can't help it. I read all four books in about two weeks. Then I went on Stephenie Meyer's website, read all the FAQs, excerpts, interviews as well as the unfinished manuscipt for Midnight Sun. I was just starting to recover and pay attention to my children again when I went to see the movie. Yeah, I have a problem. I should probably seek help.

But, I'm veering far off point here. I want to talk about Muse. I'd heard them on the radio before, but hadn't ever paid alot of attention until I began cyber-stalking Stephenie Meyer. She loves them and calls them a major inspiration for her writing. So I downloaded the above album from iTunes. And now I love them too. Despite coming from a family of musicians (a story for another day) I'm not especially educated in music, so I can't tell you why Muse is great. Just that I love them. Chunk loves them too, especially track 2 "Starlight". He rocks out.


corporalswife said...

I love this blog entry! I've considered downloading the same album but hesitated since I didn't know much about it. May have to take your word and check it out! Add it to my "crazy things I've done because of my Twilight addiction" list.

Proud member of TEAM EDWARD!!

Helen said...

I love Muse! :) I've only got a couple songs on my iPod, no full albums, though.