Monday, January 26, 2009

GIFTABLE: baby slinging

I have several preggo friends right now so I have musing about possible baby gifts more than normal. One thing on my gift-list is the Hotsling. I went through several baby carriers - snuggie type packs and carious slings - before I finally got a hotsling. I saw a mom at the mommy & baby yoga class I used to go to (yeah, I'm a little crunchy) wearing one and she raved about it. $45 seemed like alot of money to blow on yet another baby carrier that might not work out, but I was desperate so I went ahead and ordered a sling in a pretty blue paisley fabric. Once I got the hang of putting Chunk in and out of the pouch, I L O V E D it! Hotslings are easy to get in and out of and you can stuff them into your diaper bag easily. They are sized, so they fit well. Plus, they are adjustable. The same sling will work perfectly from birth to 30lbs! You just change how you pop your munchkin in it. And they come in really snazzy fabrics so you don't look entirely like a sleep-deprived, frumpy mom.
Sadly, I lost my beloved hotsling during a trip to Mystic Aquarium. Chunk is, well, huge, and has already surpassed the weight limit I thnk. So I won't be replacing my own sling, but perhaps it will be in the baby gift bags of my friends!


Desiree said...

Hotslings ROCK! I had one with my youngest. It was fantastic!!!

Jasmine said...

I'm preggo..hint hint.