Monday, January 19, 2009

PERSONALLY: the winter ick

It seems like the kids' icky winter colds are hitting a bit later in the season this year. Both Captain and Chunk have runny noses, watery eyes and nasty coughs. Captain is slowly getting better, but Chunk has a nice high fever to go along with his cold. Poor kid and poor mommy, as I'm pretty sure we have both slept less than 5 hours over the last two days. I'm starting to suspect an ear infection (double ick) so we are off to the doctor this afternoon.
I miss the smiling, snot-free faces (like in the cutie-pie picture above)!


MJ said...

Hope your tiny ones feel better soon!

bobbinoggin said...

aww. I'm sorry they're not feeling well. I hope you don't catch their cold. Get better Captain and Chunk!
Two Cs in crime!