Friday, January 16, 2009

GIFTABLE: baby geek

One of my very best friends is knocked up. I am really thrilled for her because she and her husband (also a dear friend) will be great parents. Her husband can make really great paper hats for hours on end, and I suspect that she will let her kids eat ice cream for dinner when he is not around. But besides their quirky tendencies, they also will pass on their smarty-pants genes to their progeny. Really, they're my genius friends. They use big words in every day speech. One is a doctor and the other is on her way there (But not the "turn-your-head-and-cough" sort of doctor.) I did a search on Etsy for gifts for baby geniuses and found a few gems. If you have smart friends procreating, or if you yourself belong to Mensa, show these businesses some love!
1.lalapequenos baby wrap 2. colby lane design's computer code bib 3. Urchin Uprising bow tie onesie 4. cutiefruity's doctor bib 5. electric bugaboo's nerdy abc's

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Ms. Lellock said...

C'mon, you now I'll let them eat ice cream for dinner even if he is home!