Tuesday, February 24, 2009

GET WED WEDNESDAY: cyberoptix tie lab

I love when couples really personalize their weddings with small, beautiful details. And honestly, there is no reason to settle for the same generic stuff the big bridal vendors peddle to the masses when there are so many talented artists and amazing shops out there! Cyberoptix Tie Lab is one shop you must visit if you would like your groomsmen to look dashing in their tuxes (something that won't be accomplished if you leave them in the weird, shiny vests and bow ties that come with the rental).

Cyberoptix Tie Lab was founded by artist Bethany Shorb when she noticed the lack of creative and sophisticated neckwear on the market. I am in love with her selection of interesting and beautiful designs. "Topgraphical Error" (above) or "Clipper Ship" would be a really fantastic for a beach or nautical wedding. "Oak Tree" would be great for a fall wedding. My favorites, though, are the more unexpected designs. "Designer Nerd" and "Exhaust Pipes" are two of my favorites. I had to pick out a tie for my husband last week and I was SO dismayed at the awful selection in his closet. It was disgraceful. Guess where the boys and I are shopping for Father's Day this year?

Yeah, purchasing designer ties will cost a little more than simply accepting whatever comes wtih your rental. But, these will look SO much better and your groomsmen can keep and wear them again after your wedding. (The same is very rarely true of bridesmaid dresses, unless you attend lots of black tie events. And even then...) Cyberoptix Tie Lab offers wedding packages you can tailor to fit your needs, as well as kids' ties for little ring bearer. Make your boys look amazing in "ties that don't suck".


MJ said...

OOOOOOO!!! Those are cool! What a great idea!

Crystal said...

I LOVE the "Designer Nerd" one...very cool. What a great way to add a little personal touch to a wedding party! :)

Michelle said...

ah, so groovy, I freaking love maps!