Monday, March 2, 2009

THE WORLD WE LIVE IN: operation nice assignment

No, todays assignment isn't to stick metal objects into electrical outlets! That definitely be NOT NICE! I just stumbled upon this image and it made me laugh. I don't think it is supposed to be funny. I think I'm just a little warped.
Back to being nice though. todays assignment from Operation Nice is to get unplugged. Did you know that leaving appliances plugged in when you aren't operating them uses up a ton of electricity? I didn't. Unplugging things when not in use helps the environment and lowers your electric bill. I just unplugged our coffee maker and the stereo in the bedroom. I'll take care of the kids stereos after they wake up from nap.

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katelynjane said...

Well, I guess I'm warped too because I thought that picture was halarious!! Great idea for the Operation!