Wednesday, March 18, 2009

GET WED WEDNESDAY: bunny with a tool belt

I'm barely squeaking this Wednesday's GET WED feature in before the end of the day!! It'll be a quick one, as there are stack of wedding invitations awaiting my attention. However, I couldn't resist telling you about Bunny With a Toolbelt! They makes the coolest, most funky cake toppers! They are whimsical and fun, and can be personalized! Any wedding professional will tell you that great weddings are created through unique and customized details, and a cake topper is a fun way to accomplish that. Their shop has all sorts of animals and figures. If you take a trip over to their website, you can see a slideshow of some of their custom wedding cake toppers. The images showing the creative process for the traditional Indian wedding is especially nifty.


Hilary Pfeifer said...

Hey--thanks so much for featuring my wedding cake toppers on your blog! I just wanted to mention to watch Etsy's "Handmade Weddings" section for an article I wrote about my experiences as a mail-order minister and how it led to being a custom wedding cake topper artist. Supposedly, it will be published on their blog this Friday.

MJ said...

Neat! I have been looking for a unique cake topper!