Tuesday, March 17, 2009

PERSONALLY: wild rover

My dad has been a musician for longer than I've been alive. His day job involves lots of money and government projects (I used to just say he was a spy because it was sounded better) but since before I was born he has played in Irish/Folk/Bluegrass bands. He "retired" recently, but it is still a really big part of who I am. When I was little every Thursday night was band night, and all the guys would come over and rehearse. My favorite song back then was "All God's Creatures Have a Place in Choir" and I've been told that I wouldn't go to bed until they played it for me. And just to make me cry, they sang it a cappella at my wedding. His band then was named Dooley and they were regulars on the bluegrass festical circuit. Later he joined a band name Scuttlebutt that leaned more towards Irish maritime music. A little different, but just as fun.

One of my husband's earliest memories of visiting my parents is at a pub on St. Patrick's day. It was packed and my dad's band was playing. Local bagpipers were doing a bar crawl and would show up in between sets and play. My mom was filling everyone's glasses with Guinness and we all sang along to "Wild Rover". If you've never experienced Wild Rover in a pub on St. Patrick's day, then you've never really celebrated St. Patrick's day. The youtube video embedded here is performed by Dropkick Murphys. So grab a pint and sing along.

By the way, to participate properly, you pound the bar four times after the first "no nay never" of the chorus. Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Helen said...

There's something to be said for seeing Dropkick's do the song at the St. Patrick's Day shows in Boston, too! :) We went every year when I lived in NH. Always a great time.

Tulaloo said...

That must have been amazing!!

Erin @ Bride Design said...

Wild rover is such a great song. And my girls LOVE "All God's Creatures Have a Place in Choir!" We have a copy of Bluegrass artist Terri Hendrix singing it and it never fails to get them singing along. Loved the story about you as a little girl as well. So sweet.

Jasmine said...

Your parents are so cool! I remember needing lots of tissues when your dad and band sang at your wedding. Wild Rover at the Black Rose in Boston on any night is pretty good, too. And now that I'm getting old and I'm in the family way, Wild Rover at home with a half a pint of Guinness is just as sweet!

Tulaloo said...

My Mom reads this little blog daily, but can not figure out how to leave comments to save her life. Which is weird since she is pretty savvy with computers. In any case, she asked me to post this for her...

"Next time I see you, please teach me how to blog like a pro.

"All Gods Creatures" remains one of my favorite moments at your

The band was a large part of all our lives for more than 25 years and having
all of them come for your wedding was wonderful!

What made me cry though was....

The Bride & Groom's Dance (big surprise!) and the

Father & Bride's Dance to an original song he wrote for his daughter.

Proof, I think, that the best thing that can be spent on a wedding is not
money but Love.

P.S. Dad is not a spy... (then again, we'd have to say he isn't, even if he
was, so I guess you'll never really know....)"

Thanks mom!

Kylie said...

I remember that St. Patty's Day...It really solidified my love for your family!

MJ said...

No, nay, never, no more! :D

Your dad is in Scuttlebutt???? One of my friends loves them!!!

I LOVE Dropkick! Them and Flogging Molly are my faves. I just saw FM in concert a few weeks ago, and it was so much fun! Except they ran out of Guinness, and I had to wonder who the heck did the purchasing for the show!?