Friday, March 6, 2009

GIFTABLE: whimsy & spice

Months ago I caught a glimpse of homemade carmel marshmallows on the front page of Etsy, and my mouth started watering. Of course I had to visit Whimsy & Spice, the shop that sold such a tempting treat. From the first moment, I was smitten. I L O V E sweets. Love them. Let me loose at a dessert buffet and I am in heaven. I also love interesting and unexpected flavors. When we go out to eat I always choose the dish that makes my husband say "Really? Sounds weird". Whimsy & Spice is the best of both worlds. Maple Marshmallows....Rose and Black Pepper Thumbprints....Chocolate Orange Cardamon Shortbread....Chocolate Chili Cashew Biscotti! Amazing, right?!?!

I've had this shop tucked in the back of my mind, just waiting for the perfect gift giving opportunity. Fortunately, I am blessed with friends and family that are so incredible they deserve a giant box of Earl Grey Sandwich Cookies and Dulce de Leche Brownies! After my sister in law spent a full day working our booth at our recent Bridal Fair I sent her a box of Whimsy & Spice treats and she loved it! They are a fabulous company to order from and they were so gracious to create a custom gift box to accomodate my SIL's allergy. I will be coming back to Whimsy & Spice again and again.


Jasmine said...

This looks GREAT!! Nice find.

Jasmine said...

hint hint: I like this one: Can today be my birthday??