Wednesday, April 15, 2009

GET WED WEDNESDAY: nature favors

Wedding favors can be tricky. You want to give your guests something they will appreciate; a thoughtful gesture that lets them know how much your appreciate their presence at your special day. But favors can get expensive very quickly, and you want to be cautious not to spend a bundle on a silly knick-knack that will be tossed in the back of the drawer the day after your wedding. As a general rule, I am against personalized beer koozies and engraved gadgets and the like. Does anyone even really use beer koozies? Edible favors are almost always a hit. Packaged truffles, cookies or cupcakes are good options. Martha Stewart has dozens of more earthy options on her wedding site; packaged nuts and dried fruit, things like that. I especially like when couples choose to make a donation to a charity in place of favors. Just make sure to place a pretty note on the tables at your reception explaining what charity your chose and why. I stumbled upon a great little favor shop today that I love. They are called Nature Favors and have the niftiest tag line: "going wild on occasion". How clever is that? They offer bird seed and plantable seed ornaments that can double as centerpieces/table decor as well as favors. This would be a really nice touch for a garden wedding too.

The strangest wedding favor I have ever received is a tire gauge. Yes, you read that right - a tire gauge, for checking the air pressure in your car tires. What is the best and worst favor you've ever received? Leave a comment about it!

Nature Favors


Erin @ Bride Design said...

Very cool. I too love anything consumable when it comes to favors. Food is good. These are lovely too. My kids would love the bird seed ones...hours of springtime and summer entertainment.

MJ said...

They have these cool favors that are like a paper heart, but you plant them and they grow wildflowers.

Nature Favors said...

I am the designer and creator of these unique favors you are featuring here. We have a new line of flower seed favors called Earthblooms.

Tulaloo, a lovely collection of invitations and stationary. Would you be interested in networking?

jessica said...

These are cute but my girlfriend ordered these for her wedding and they arrived with mold on them. Her wedding is this weekend and we franticly had to order from another company. It was so disgusting!