Thursday, April 16, 2009

ARTSY FARSTY: the coolest parents ever

Ok, well maybe not the coolest ever, but I think we are in the running for an honorary mention at least. We bought a new patio set (which gets me closer to my dream of a complete outdoor living space - I am beyond thrilled) and it came in a very large, very sturdy cardboard box. Now, we had just gotten all the cardboard boxes out of our family room a few days earlier, and were relieved to have some floor space back. But this new box really had far too much potential to ignore, so we decided to make something awesome with it. Captain said he wanted a pirate ship, and since he has two indulgent parents, he got one. A few hours and one roll of duct tape later, Captain and Chunk were sailing the seas looking for precious jewels and gold doubloons.
Of course, the actual creation part of this is more for a crafty grown-up than a kid, because it involves utility knives. But the result is all for the kids. Well, mostly for the kids.
I'm going to skip the detailed instructions on this one since it would depend on the types of boxes you have available. We used the patio set box plus some sturdy tubes that I received paper shipments in. My husband did all the assembly and construction - I just made the nifty pirate hats. He did a great job too! Check out the windows and peep-holes!


Anonymous said...

That's really awesome!
My childhood forts were always whatever sheet Mom was drying that happened to be laying over chairs at the time... what a cool re-use of the box!

(BTW, I'm a transplant blogger from PWO...)

Jasmine said...

This is pretty sweet! Can I come play pirates with you?