Thursday, April 30, 2009

INSPIRATION: art freaks

There are some things that I most definitely do NOT miss about art school. The insane pressure and obnoxious pretense is included in that little list. But for everything I'm glad to have put behind me, there are two or three more things that I think fondly of and would gladly go back and do again. I miss being in a community of artists that will give honest feedback (if your work looks like crap they tell you). I miss being able to make art all day and having peers and mentors push you to work even harder. I miss being surrounded by artists who are constantly creating something - be it serious or silly - just because they NEED to. I don't know exactly how to explain it to someone who hasn't experienced it. For me it was amazing to be submerged in this world where ideas took life in paper, on canvas or through clay and glass. Even the graffiti was something special. Others would simply roll their eyes and say "freaky art students!" as they passed Harder Hall on their way to their business classes or accounting classes or whatever it is everyone else studied in college.

I'm not entirely sure why Erin, owner of "I Made You A Beard" spurred my moment of inspired nostalgia. I found myself reading her blog and perusing her shop and couldn't stop smiling and laughing. It is one thing to do something a little wacky and make a felt beard. It is quite another to make lots of felt beards in an array of colors and styles and then sell them to an adoring public (and they really do adore her - check out her sales). That requires an unusual sort of passion that you have to admire and appreciate.

If you'll allow me to get all artsy fartsy on you here, art exists to make life worth living. That sounds awfully dramatic, but think about it. What would life be like without music? Without fashion? Without china patterns and wallpaper and ballet classes and fingerpaints? What if all cereal boxes looked exactly the same and radio commercials didn't have catchy jingles? Sometimes art makes you think or feel. Sometimes it makes a statement. Sometimes it just adds a little color to your day and puts a smile on your face. I'm really glad I live in a world where we have all of this, including a girl named Erin who makes ridiculously fun and funny fake beards just because she can.

"Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life"
~ Pablo Picasso


Jasmine said...

I love this post. Now, does the new X-Men movie count as art? If so, art made my life worth living today, fo sho!

Tulaloo said...

Is cereal packaging counts as art then Wolverine most definitely does too.