Thursday, April 9, 2009

PERSONALLY: happy birthday to me!

I'm 31 today and it has been the best birthday I've had in a long time! I had expected it to be rather ho-hum as my other half had to work a double shift today while I was working and home with a houseful of little boys. But I was pleasantly surprised at what a great day it turned out to be. Let me start at the beginning:

I woke up feeling well rested. Since sleeping is not a strength for Chunk, I don't get a whole lot of sleep myself. And last night was no exception - by 4 am he was at the top of the stairs shouting "MOM!! MAMA!!!!" and in bed with me shortly after. But I woke up at 7 feeling good! I haven't woken up feeling rested in 20 months (Chunk was born in July of do the math). Shortly after, Captain and Chunk's friend "A" showed up with handmade paper flowers and cupcakes! I started my day with a dozen cupcakes and feeling like I slept more than the 5 hours I actually got! A beautiful beginning!

The rest of the day unfolded so nicely it felt a little unreal. The boys mostly behaved themselves. It was beautiful and sunny. My parents sent me flowers (thank you!). My husband stopped by home with more flowers and the computer tablet I have been coveting for the past few months (I'll be trying out that baby as soon as I'm done writing this post!). I was able to rework a wedding invitation package so that a client could get most of what she wanted and still stay within her budget (LOVE when that happens!). I received lots of happy birthday phone calls and emails. A very nice day indeed!

The boys and I spent the evening at Barnes and Noble so they could play with the train table and I could use a birthday gift card to buy New Moon (since I'm indulging my embarassing obsession and re-reading the Twilight series). While in line to check out I did something I never do - I made a very impulsive, completely unnecessary purchase. There was this really great Jonathon Adler coffee mug and I wanted it oh so badly...... and now I am looking forward to drinking tomorrow morning's coffee from it! Except for Chunk peeking under the stalls at strangers in the bathroom, they were ridiculously well behaved at the bookstore. So I treated them and myself to dinner out at TGIF's, where they continued to be near perfect angels!

It really was a fantastic day. Usually I try not to bore everyone too much with my daily grind, but today was too nice not to share. Thanks for indulging me!

Off to open up my new Bamboo Fun tablet now....


DEL said...

Glad you had a great birthday!

miss.supafly said...

AAAH! Happy one-day-late Birthday! I'm headed toward 30 this year... It should be interesting considering I got teary-eyed about turning 29 -- which is weird for me.

Oh, and you'll want to marry that Bamboo Fun tablet -- I LOVE MINE!!!

Hope you had a wonderful day! :)

bobbinoggin said...

sounds like a marvelous day! I'm glad you were so pleasantly surprised. You deserve it. :)