Sunday, June 21, 2009


Here it is! So I spent some quality time with Tattoo Bill (not really his name - see earlier posts on this subject) this past Saturday, and got the foot sperm covered up. He had to change the design a bit for it to cover the old tattoo, but I had expected that. The first night I obsessed over every detail of the new tattoo, finding tiny things I should have done differently. But the next morning I loved it for sure. There are one or two things I might alter a tiny bit at some point, but nothing major. All in all I''m pretty happy!

This picture shows the tattoo as others see it, and the letters are more clear from this angle. The way I view it the letters are very camoflauged in the swirls. It is all still pretty shiny as I'm washing and greasing it up 5 times a day still. But it is healing nicely and I hope to be in shoes again soon!

And since I know a few of you are wondering, yes it did hurt. Not wimp-out-in-the-middle-of-it pain, but it doesn't feel good. As long as I had something to distract me I barely noticed the pain. Lucky for me the staff of Needlewurks is really into horror films, so I had lots of creepy, serial killer art to ponder while I got my foot done. Bill did a great job, and I highly recommend him to anyone in the Saratoga area in need of some body art!

In case you would like the full saga, from my Grandma calling my original tattoo sperm to my very pregnant friend making sexual innuendos in the tattoo parlor, see here and here.


Jasmine said...

Very nice! My only complaint is that the order is M THEN S--makes innuendo even harder!

bobbinoggin said...

that is so pretty!

i still attest to the idea of you creating a stamp out of this that you could use as letterhead/signature/imagery in stationery correspondence with your children through the years.

Heart and Sow Designs said...

Very beautiful tat, I don't think I would have the guts too do it. Tat's are so painful, I only got one and will never do it again.

MJ said...