Tuesday, June 23, 2009

PERSONALLY: happy campers

The Mister and I are taking Captain and Chunk camping this weekend. We're all pretty thrilled since scheduling vacations - even a weekend camping trip - is next to impossible for us. But we did it and I can't wait to go.

We're tenters and I like it that way. That is the way I've camped since I was a baby. We used to do the bluegrass festical circuit with my dad's band, which I think is a pretty great way for a kid to spend summer weekends. Most of my family vacations involved our tent when I was a kid. I can't recall staying in a hotel until I was a junior in highschool. While I've never done the ultralight backpacking thing, I am pretty determined to keep our camping experiences as pure as possible. I can't really wrap my brain around the seasonal campers with the giant RVs. Is it really camping if you have running water, air conditioning and satellite TV? I just don't get it - why bother?

My husband, however, really likes gear (the brand new camp coffee maker is something I am looking forward to. The hanging tent fan I plan on hiding because it is silly and annoys me) and a few years ago a made a pretty significant concession. We got an air mattress. And although I still feel like a bit of a pansy when we inflate it in our tent, I have to admit it is SO much nicer than a sleeping bag on the ground.

Oh, and since we aren't as plugged in as our mega-RV camping neighbors, Tulaloo will be offline from Saturday through Monday. Any orders, inquiries or email will be taken care of on Tuesday when we all return!


Rebecca said...

Have a great time and say hi go Yogi if you see him :-o You will be missed but deserve the time away with the fam.

Jessica Craig said...

We are thinking of trying our first family camping trip in July. Any suggestions of places not to far, but still fun to go camping? We figured it would be better to be closer to home for the first attempt - just in case - although I'm sure we'll all be fine. I can't wait!