Tuesday, September 1, 2009

ARTIST I LIKE: cocopunkz

After a few years off, our friends are getting married with a frenzy. We are attending four weddings this year, one of which is taking place outdoors, in October.... in upstate NY. Fortunately the bride has a great sense of humor and my husband's constant jokes about going sledding at the reception are met with laughter. And return jabs about the tough-guy cop being the only one complaining about being cold. But I digress...

I got an amazing little black dress from White House Black Market, specifically because it has sleeves. After my husband oh-so-cleverly suggested I wear snow boots with it, I realized that maybe I did want some fun new shoes to wear. I'm not the kind of girl who spends $260 on a pair of shoes, but I'm very tempted to make an exception for these. Cocopunkz hand paints shoes with original artwork. Even though I am pretty darn frugal, I do love shoes. Did I mention I used to be a shoe salesperson? And Cocopunkz shoes are A M A Z I N G!!!!! Plus the ones in the picture above are my size... somebody save me from myself and go buy these before I do!!!!!

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