Saturday, December 5, 2009

GIFTABLE: for the handyman/lush/environmentalist

I'm sending a wine/party themed gift basket to a good friend of mine (who does not read this blog, so hopefully this will still be a surprise). I wanted some fun hostess items to pack in with the bottle of wine I am sending, in the hopes she can use it all for her holiday party (which I sadly can not attend). I found a few gems including the quirky wine bottle stopped shown above from ikc Design. They offer all sorts of funky goodies made from upcycled materials, including a great assortment of wine bottle stoppers. I had had my eye on this one, but it sold before I could click purchase. So you better believe I snatched up the awesome screwdriver stopper before anyone else could get their paws on it! It arrived in the mail today (super fast shipping) and it is even cooler in person!

If you are looking for fun, one-of-a-kind items someone on your list, definitely take a peak at ikc Design!

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an encourager said...

That stopper is hysterical!!! Love it!