Thursday, December 3, 2009


Initially I had hoped to make an advent calendar for the boys - something unique and fun that would allow for something other than candy each day. In fact, I've hoped to do this every year for the past few years. But after realizing that I still need to finish embroidering the denim stockings I made 4 years ago, I accepted that a handmade advent calendar is just not going to happen. At least not if I'm the one making it! And so began an Etsy search for the perfect advent calendar.

Most of the ones I found were simple fabric panels with attached pockets; pretty, but without the fun factor I was hoping for. Then I found Reeves Farm and the pattern to crochet a super fun string of Christmas light pockets! It is perfect: cute, fun and can be used again and again over the years. Since I know myself well enough to understand there was no way I was going to crochet a string of holiday lights, I asked my friend, and owner of this shop, Jaime to make it for me. It came out beautifully and is lovingly displayed on our stairwell.

There are a few lights with chocolate coins or mini candy canes hidden inside, but most of the "treats" are activities for the kids together. Making and sending postcards to relatives, going on a tour of the neighborhood holiday lights and buying food for the local food bank are all on the calendar. Yesterday's treat was to snuggle up with some popcorn and watch the Pixar cartoon special on ABC Family. So far it has been a nice way to make us all slow down and enjoy the holidays together.

On a side note, if you need kid gifts or warm weather gear for your children, stop by Jaime's shop. Her Danish earflap hats are super warm and really well made. It is next to impossible to find something so nice for children, and completely impossible to find it at such a good price.


Jasmine said...

I LOVE this idea, and crocheted lights is so lovely.

Rebecca said...

I want one too!!! Can you tell your friend to put up a posting so I can buy one as well!!! Love the idea.