Sunday, May 16, 2010

REAL WEDDING: rachel and diego

I first shared Rachel and Diego's wedding in this earlier article about bilingual wedding stationery. I may have also mentioned that Rachel proclaimed me an "Invitation Goddess" (her exact words. I plan to have that printed on my business cards). Now, check out their gorgeous wedding photos, compliments of Erica Eichelkraut of City Lights photography in Buffalo, NY.

First, their wedding invitation - our Orleans design in a pochette style with black linen and charteuse:

I can't get over how beautiful this veil is!!!

Rachel described this incredible moment from her wedding: "My favorite moment from our wedding might have to be our "goosebump moment" from the ceremony. The ceremony was delayed due to impunctual flower delivery and a missing heirloom handkerchief. Looking back, what seemed to be a serious wedding day snafu turned out to be truly serendipitous and blessed. The morning started as a really beautiful fall day with crisp autumn air and a bright sun in a clear blue sky. The flower delivery delay and missing "something old" stalled the ceremony 20-25 minutes! Once we got inside the sanctuary, the rain started to come down. It was such a calming sound as we knelt for opening prayer. The ceremony was lovely and finished with the string quartet playing George Harrison's "Here Comes the Sun" just as planned. Then a truly magical moment occurred as the ushers opened the large wooden doors just in time for us to see the last of the rainfall and the sun shining down outside. People later asked how we were able to afford the magical string quartet that could command the weather! Every second od the delay, caused by unplanned events, led to the most inspiring and breathtaking part of our day"

I love when bride's add a punch of color with their footwear!

Rachel and Diego had a school bus, decorated with Mexican papel picada flags and a cooler full of drinks and snacks, as the transportation for themselves and their wedding party. What a fun idea!!

A bright and beautiful day for a fantastic couple. Congratulations Rachel and Diego, and thanks for sharing your pictures!!


Kelley said...

That's a really incredible and beautiful story! :D Your invitations are lovely too, I like how the colors match the bride's shoes.

Koozie said...

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