Thursday, July 22, 2010

PERSONALLY: outer space birthday

We celebrated Captain's 5th and Chunk's 3rd birthdays a few weeks ago with an Intergalactic BBQ in our backyard. Although the news threatened "torrential downpours" we lucked out and it barely sprinkled! It was a fantastic afternoon with lots of friends and family and plenty of rockets!

Last month Family Fun magazine featured cupcakes based on the squeaky, pizza planet aliens from Toy Story. They were a great fit for our Outer Space Party!

For goodie bags I filled silver buckets (from the dollar spot at Target!) with some fun outer space goodies: a small air rocket, glow in the dark bracelets, alien finger puppets and Moon Mints (Junior Mints with a custom wrapper).

We kept the food simple - burgers, pasta salad and watermelon. And I'm gonna come clean - I didn't even bake the cakes and cupcakes. I did, however, painstakingly decorate each and every alien face!

For activities we had two large rockets - and air powered stomp rocket and a water powered hydro rocket. They shot REALLY high and by the end of the night most of our rockets were in the neighbors yards. We also had Area 51 - a martian lab where the kids could create their own aliens from model magic, googly eyes and pipecleaners. And last but not least, the Tin Foil Hat making stations so that the aliens couldn't read our thoughts. At one point we had every child and several adults rocking foil hats!
Overall, it was a really fun party. Thanks to everyone who celebrated with us!


Jasmine said...

Too bad we were out sailing the seven seas with our buccaneers (which, I must admit, were under our buccanhats). I wish we could've been there! I love the foil hat station!

BTW, I keep getting compliments on the pirate ship that I made for the party. I reluctantly tell people that I modeled my ship on the one you made for Captain and Chunk. Thanks for the inspiration!

Kelley said...

Adorable photos. :) Great job on those cupcakes, too!

mrs. fuzz said...

I LOVE IT!!! I am going to have to steal the idea. . .