Wednesday, June 15, 2011

TULALOO: studio update

Slowly, but surely, the new Tulaloo studio is coming along. At the moment there is an unfortunate emphasis on the "slowly" part, but that is the way it goes with big projects sometimes. We are still aiming to be finished by mid summer, and hopefully there will be no more unexpected bumps in the road.

This studio renovation project is most definitely a family affair - that is how we do things around here. That is my youngest son in the safety glasses up top. My oldest is seated on the Kubota with a look of pure glee on his face, and my wonderful father in law has pitched in as well. My husband is deserving of a trophy in all this. He is a skilled craftsman and is doing 90% of the work himself. Some men show their wives love with flowers and jewelry. Mine says I Love You with hammer and nails. And sometimes hydraulic cement.

In other news, we are inching towards July which is a very special month for me. In celebration we'll be running some great promotions. We are going to announce them on our facebook page, so make sure your friends and family "like" us so they can take advantage of the deals!

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