Tuesday, June 22, 2010

ARTIST I LIKE: amanda borozinski

Frequently, the artists I feature on this little blog are also friends. I'm not playing favorites. I just have lots of crazy talented friends. Maya was in the photography program with me at Alfred. I played college rugby with Nancy. Amanda of BORO: Creative Visions is another college friend. Not only is she fun and sweet (and tough. she is a former rugger too) but she is yet another talented artist I am super lucky to know. Now you can get to know her a little too!

Amanda is a veteran photojournalist turned full time wedding/family photographer. I've said it here before and I will say it again. I think that photographers with a true journalistic background and varied professional interests make the best wedding photographers. They tend to be just a little more observant of the small things. And it is the small things that make the day special. Amanda's work was recently spotlighted on A Practical Wedding. If you aren't already visiting this blog, start. It is a fresh (and, um... practical) perspective on weddings and relationships and marriage.

While Amanda devotes most of her camera time to weddings, she also offers family portraiture. The kind that is perfectly personal. I'll take that over Anne Geddes any day.

How perfect is this pout?
This shot may very well be my favorite. The textures and colors are wonderful. I could look at it for an hour and be happy.
Amanda is based in New Hampshire. Check out her site and like her on facebook. You know you want to.


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