Friday, July 22, 2011

CELEBRATE: superhero party!

As I mentioned earlier this week, we celebrated the boys' birthdays with a big backyard superhero party. Because their birthdays are only 9 days apart, and because they are such good friends (I know, we're lucky. Very lucky.) we throw a joint party for them both each summer. To make it easy, we stick to a basic backyard picnic and throw a kid friendly theme on the top. Last year was an Intergalactic BBQ, and this year we all became Superheros!

The best thing we did was order a party pack of capes and masks from LotsoCapes. The capes and masks did triple duty as party activity (the kids decorate their own with self adhesive felt shapes!), party favor (no bag of candy and junky toys!) and even party decor. When you have 20 kids runing around in superhero costumes you don't need to do much else for decorations! LotsoCapes was wonderful to work with and had super quick shipping. AND, the pack is completely customized! You get to pick your colors, initials, shapes and they even offer baby and toddler sizes! Really, these capes and mask made the party.

I didn't take many photos of anything but these adorable pint-size superheros, but you can see our "Pin-The-Mask-On-The-Superhero" game in the back of the above picture. I painted him on a small piece of leftover plywood and then cut out mask shapes for the kids to stick to his face. We also had "Superhero Training" with an obstacle course through our backyard - up the steps, down the slide, sling webs (silly string) from the fort, fly Wonder Woman's (almost) Invisible Plane. At one point I believe we had 16 kids on the not quite invisible jet!

It was a great party and lots of fun for the kids and parents alike. Thanks to everyone to came and played with us!

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